GMP Drivercare Additional Services

Company Car Taxation Advice

Advice and guidance on any tax implications regarding your employees lease vehicle.

Driver Direct Support

We will support your employee through the entire process, from vehicle choice to delivery and onward through the life of their lease.

Duty Of Care Advice

Guidance and advice available on all aspects of duty of care legislation relating to your employee using either lease or their own cars in the course of their work.

Driver Assessment & Training information

We can organise assessment/training days for your employees if required.

DVLA License Checking

We can offer a fully comprehensive DVLA licence checking service for your employees and additional drivers.

Environmental Advice to Drivers – Eco Driving 10 Steps

Find out more about our Environmental Advice to Drivers

Motor Fleet Insurance

We will advise your Trust on the most cost effective method of insuring their vehicle fleet.

Vehicle Procurement

We will identify and supply the ‘best value’ fleet options to match your trusts and employees vehicle requirements.

Vehicle Renewal Management

The trust and employees will be advised well in advance when current lease vehicles are due for renewal.

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