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For ‘essential’ drivers, a leased car is often the most cost-efficient and manageable solution for both driver and employer. Those employees responsible for more substantial mileage within the course of their job must be provided with the most up-to-date vehicles, at the very best rates. Both driver and vehicle must be constantly monitored and supported to ensure that all Duty of Care requirements are met and that your Trust is as legally compliant as possible.

The mobility of certain key workers within the NHS forms an intrinsic part of essential healthcare provision. GMP Drivercare relieves the Trust of time-consuming and essential fleet management functions, leaving more human and financial resource available to deal directly with healthcare. Your Trust will know that its ‘essential’ drivers will always be mobile, at the lowest possible cost and in the most legally compliant way.

As well as the legal and financial imperatives involved in comprehensive fleet management, GMP Drivercare will also help drive down whole fleet emissions with the best possible rates on many of the most efficient vehicles on the market.

GMP takes control from the outset, providing all necessary vehicle quotations and lead times. The driver and Trust is kept informed at every stage until delivery of the chosen vehicle is made.

Once in place, our complete fleet management solution ensures that the vehicle and driver are fully controlled through mileage capture and claim management, driver licence checks, servicing, accident management and reporting, and maintenance. GMP Drivercare provides complete peace of mind, for both the Trust and the driver, through our comprehensive and total fleet management solution. We take total responsibility. This is the GMP Drivercare difference.


GMP Drivercare also offers variety of other products for Public and Corporate Sector. Click here to see our other services https://gmpdrivercare.com/services/

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