Optimum Solution Scheme – Lease Car (Non-Subsidised)

“Guranteed Reduce Grey Fleet Cost and Reduced Carbon Emission” 

GMP Drivercare’s Optimum Solution Scheme is for those employees who travel little or no business miles. The employer makes no contribution towards the cost of the lease and payment is taken from the employee’s net monthly salary and therefore has no impact on the employee’s pension.
The scheme attracts little or no Benefit in Kind Tax, as the employee is covering the full cost of the vehicle. GMP Drivercare is an independent Fleet Management Company offering a variety of Lease Car Schemes, all of which compare the market and offers best value to our drivers.
Our user friendly Web Portal makes it easy for employees to access thousands of vehicles and compare the cost, technical data and specification to ensure they choose the right car for them.


Affordable, All-Inclusive

Did we mention how simple the scheme is? There’s no deposit, no employee credit check and cars are brand new and include absolutely everything but fuel!
Once in place, our complete fleet management solution ensures that the vehicle and driver are fully managed through, licence checks, servicing, accident management, maintenance and reporting. GMP Drivercare provides complete peace of mind, for both the organisation and the driver, through our comprehensive and total fleet management solution. We take total responsibility.


  • No Cost to the employer
  • No Cost to the employer
  • Saves employers and employees time in selecting the right vehicle, our online portal compare the market and offers the best value to users.
  • No business mileage required to be eligible
  • Reduce, Grey Fleet and Carbon Emmission.
  • Both vehicle and driver are fully compliant
  • 3 year contract on a fully maintained basis
  • Comprehensive business insurance is included
  • Includes Breakdown cover to minimise downtime

Why GMP Drivercare ?

Thanks to over 20 years of experience in providing solutions and services to local authorities, the NHS, charities and the Private Sector across the UK, we can provide a scheme (s) to suit your needs.
We’re able to make the process of driving a new vehicle as simple and hassle-free as possible. Over this time, we’ve forged strong, lasting relationships with the largest dealer groups, manufacturers and vehicle finance companies, enabling us to secure the best discount terms. We focus on building
long-term customer relationships, ensuring that repeat customers and recommendations form a substantial part of our business.

I’ve always bought my car, why should I Lease one?

Leasing or contract hire has always been a popular way of running a car for businesses, however, due to heavy depreciation and unexpected repair costs associated with car ownership, more and more private individuals are looking at the option of leasing as a more cost effective way of running a car. Vehicle Leasing means you can drive a new car or van every 2 or 3 years, avoiding MOT’s and unforeseen bills. You just hand the car back at the end of the contract and take out a new one, avoiding the hassle of having to sell your old car privately or the disappointment of low part exchange value. Also, the inclusion of manufactures warranty, road fund licence and breakdown cover give you complete piece of mind.



  • Happy workforce
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions assisting with Clean Air Zones

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