Pool Cars and Commercial Vehicles

“Business use only vehicles are used for journeys which are part of an employee’s duties, commonly known as Pool Cars. Commercial Vehicles are also part of this category.”


Why Choose GMP Drivercare?

GMP Drivercare is experienced in providing many types of organisations with Pool Cars and Commercial Vehicles (CV) to suit their needs, whether it’s for a basic van with ply lining or a more complex vehicle with conversions, interior racking, roof racks and livery etc. All vehicle specifications are discussed in detail before any order is placed ensuring the vehicle is compliant and all legislation is adhered to.
In order to fully manage a Pool Fleet, our experts gain a full understanding of the fleet by conducting a review of the number, type, cost, location, mileage, MOT, service due date and replacement dates of the vehicles. Upon full understanding of the fleet, we will commence consultation looking at the vehicle profiles and the possibilities and alternatives for a more cost and fuel efficient solution.


  • The vehicle is made available to multiple drivers
  • The vehicle can be modified to meet the specific business need (e.g. wheel chair access)
  • VAT charged on the vehicle will be recoverable
  • A vehicle is typically leased for a 3-5 year period on a fully maintained basis.
  • Vehicle and driver (s) are fully compliant
  • The vehicle may be exempt from road fund licence (RFL)

Pool Cars Booking Platform


The design of the system is responsive which means it can be used on any device i.e. computer, mobile or tablets. The purpose of the booking system is to manage the resources of the organisation, reserve the resources in a much more paperless and efficient way.



  • Permanent overview of availability and utilisation of pool vehicles
  • Optimisation of vehicle utilisation and long-term cost reduction
  • Reduced scheduling effort through automated reservation and scheduling
  • Dashboard for vehicle fleet key figures at a glance
  • The resources can have multiple administrators or managers.
  • Users and Administrators can have access to specific resources, for example, User A can only reserve Car X and User B can reserve Car Y.
  • Administrators can create their own reports or select from a range of standard reports.
  • Calendar view helps the users to check the availability of the vehicles.
  • System Users and Administrators get the notifications about the reservations.

Possible Outcomes

  • 12% cost savings on staff travel over two years
  • 75-tonne reduction in annual carbon emissions
  • 80% car pool utilisation

Integrated Telematics &

Pool Cars Analysis 

GMP Drivercare can provide a plug-in (Telematics) device for each vehicle which records real world driving and collects data for our experts to analyse. This will show the journeys travelled, areas covered, fuel consumption, and assist your organisation to make decisions based on facts helping to establish potential cost savings by looking at whole life costs.

GMP Drivercare also offers variety of other products for Public and Corporate Sector. Click here to see our other services https://gmpdrivercare.com/services/

Our Driverlink Magazine can be found on https://www.driverlinkmagazine.com/


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