Salary Sacrifice Scheme

GMP have recognised the changing needs of the Trusts and duty of care, we have now evolved and offer additional services such as Grey Fleet and Salary Sacrifice Schemes and can deliver the above with highly trained and skilled personnel. We also have additional resources in the form of a Vehicle Supply Team, Accident Management Administration and Driving Licence Checks.

In response to the Government Directives regarding the reduction of carbon footprint emissions, GMP have developed its own eco-drive plan, which will enable Trust’s to comply. We are proactive and have put the investment forward in order to be able to provide this and this can show significant savings to Trust’s budgets.

“A salary sacrifice happens when an employee gives up the right to receive part of the cash pay due under his or her contract of employment. Usually the sacrifice is made in return for the employer’s agreement to provide the employee with some form of non-cash benefit. The ‘sacrifice’ is achieved by varying the employee’s terms and conditions of employment relating to pay”

Here is a brief guide to how the scheme works:

Employees will benefit by a saving of up to 40% on a new car. These savings are derived from National Insurance, PAYE and VAT savings as well as through our huge buying power. BIK tax is payable but this is minimised through the choice of an eco-friendly vehicle. Your car will be fully managed, maintained, insured and taxed.

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Salary Sacrifice

GMP Drivercare are at the forefront of offering a complete peace of mind package that allows your employees to get the best possible prices, on the best vehicles available in the market achieved through close links with the leading manufacturers. Our scheme is delivered by highly trained and skilled staff, which recognises their needs and those of the Trust. Once they have chosen their vehicle, absolutely all the usual worries and expense are completely removed and they will only need to put fuel in the tank.

GMP and our industry leading affiliates will look after all servicing, maintenance, repair, tyres and a host of other services. You can be sure that your employees can rely on their vehicle for work and can relax and enjoy it at times of leisure.

This is the GMP difference!

Retain all the benefits of owning the vehicle, whilst all the concerns or difficulties are removed by the fully managed package provided by the experts at GMP Drivercare and GMP Autocare. Even the quickest overview of what is normally involved in the finance, maintenance, servicing, tax, breakdown and tyres, immediately demonstrates not only substantial savings through use of our Salary Sacrifice scheme, but also the complete removal of many hugely stressful situations.

Main Benefits

No Deposit

No Credit Card Check

Road Tax Included

No Additional Cost Hidden

 Transparent, All Inclusive Quotes

European Breakdown Services

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Fully Comprehensive Insurance


 Annual Key Drive License Check

Mechanical Repairs and Servicing

Full Accident Management Services

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