Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


Can I have a list of available cars and prices?

All of our schemes are ‘user chooser’ schemes, which means that you can have almost any vehicle that you would like (any restrictions are itemised in your employer’s terms and conditions). There is no set price list; all quotes must be provided individually from an application form, which must be authorised by your employer. All prices are discounted through our scheme and so dealer offers do not apply.

What does my quote include?

All quotes include Road Fund Licences, MOT’s, servicing, maintenance, replacement tyres, windscreen damage, fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover and private use of the car. However some employer schemes don’t cover insurance, please make sure to refer policy document under “My Account->Driver Information” on our portal.

What items are not included in my monthly cost?

Items such as fuel, top up fluids in between servicing, oil, light bulbs, company car tax, hire cars or damage to the vehicle (this includes anything as small as windscreen wipers, for example).

Do I get reimbursed the business miles that I travel?

Yes, you will need to submit claims on a monthly basis to your employer so that they can refund you these costs. The reimbursement rate is stated in your employer’s travel policy.

Are there any temporary cars available to use if I have no transport while I am waiting for my new lease car to arrive?

Yes, please use the live chat function on this portal or call GMP Drivercare at 0330 100 4910 – Option 2-2 and we can discuss pool car or lead-in car options with you. Alternatively you can send us an email at

Will I get induction training on my new vehicle when it is delivered?

When you take delivery of your new vehicle, we expect the delivery drivers to show you the vehicle’s controls. We would ask you to read through the vehicle’s handbook as soon as possible following delivery to familiarise yourself with your new vehicle. If you have any queries regarding any controls please call into your local dealer who will be able to advise you, alternatively you can call GMP Drivercare (0330 100 4910 – Option 2 – 2) for help.

Should I have a copy of my insurance certificate?

Yes, please contact us via your work email where you need to mention your Vehicle Registration and name, please send it to After verification, you will be sent the insurance certificate.

Can any of my friends or family drive my car?

Yes, but we first need to verify their driving licence due to duty of care. We will then provide you with a letter confirming that they are insured to drive. Some employers may charge for this service and GMP charge a small administration fee, please refer to scheme policy for eligibility criteria. Please note that drivers under 25 and provisional drivers are subject to additional excess charges in the event of accidental damage to the vehicle.

Do I have to inform anyone if I am convicted of a driving offence?

Yes, GMP Drivercare will need to know to ensure your details are kept up to date on our system.

Can I take my lease vehicle abroad?

Yes (subject to the scheme policy) but you will need to contact your leasing company to gain authority for this. You must notify them approximately 2 weeks prior to the date of travel so they can provide you with the travel documents required. Also check whether the leasing company’s breakdown cover applies abroad. If not, a supplementary charge will apply.

What do I do if I find damage to my windscreen?

Report this to the National Windscreens on 0800622122 using reference BN5377. The contact details are also provided to you when your vehicle is delivered. You will need to quote your registration number and policyholder (employer name) when booking in the repairs.

Am I expected to be able to change a tyre?

Yes, it is extremely important that you are able to change a tyre, as driving on flat tyres will damage the wheels, which will result in a costly replacement bill.

What do I do if one of the tyre is punctured?

Your leasing company will pay for replacement tyres/repairs as long as the cause is not due to driver negligence, vandalism or accident damage. They will have a preferred tyre supplier to use for this and the contact details are provided to you when your vehicle is delivered. Alternatively, you will also find these details within your members area on this website (My Account -> Contact Numbers). You will need to quote your registration number and leasing company when booking in the repairs.

What do I do if I need to book in a service?

As a lease car driver you have a responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. Please check your vehicle handbook to confirm when your vehicle needs servicing. You can use any approved repairer that uses the lease company authorisation online system. You will need to quote your leasing company when booking in the service with the repairer and confirm if you will require a courtesy car (free of charge and subject to availability) at the time of booking. Your insurance will cover you fully for this use (and any named drivers previously authorised to drive your lease vehicle), alternatively you are able to book services and MOT’s online by visiting .

Am I responsible for all routine maintenance?

Yes, you are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle is roadworthy at all times, this includes regular checking of tyre pressures, coolant and oil levels.

Am I responsible for arranging an MOT test?

You will need to arrange for an MOT test on your vehicle prior to the third anniversary of its registration date, even if the vehicle is being returned to the lease company. The lease company will cover the cost; however you will need to ensure that you take it to a reputable MOT Testing Dealer who has an account with the lease company, alternatively you can book an MOT test online by visiting .

What do I do if I need to book an MOT / Maintenance to my vehicle?

You will need to use a franchised dealer applicable to your car, (i.e. Ford to Ford dealer, Peugeot to Peugeot dealer), alternatively you can book an MOT test online by visiting You will also need to quote your leasing company when booking in the work and confirm whether you require a courtesy car.

What do I do if my vehicle breaks down?

Your leasing company will cover the cost of recovery but not all leasing companies will provide you with a hire car free of charge. In the first instance, notify your leasing company of the situation and arrange to be recovered. The contact details are provided to you when your vehicle is delivered. Alternatively, you will also find these details by logging in to then clicking on My Account→Contact Numbers. You will need to request a courtesy car from the garage that you are towed to and notify them of your leasing company. If a courtesy car is unavailable then please call GMP Drivercare to arrange a hire car. Do not use a hire car from the leasing company unless they confirm it is totally free of charge.  GMP may need the details of your budget manager to gain authority to issue you with a hire car, as this will be an additional cost to their budget. Delivery can be arranged within 8 hours of order to any address. Please note that if the fault is found to be caused by damage, negligence or the vehicle not being maintained to the manufacturers schedule the leasing company will not pay for the repair. If the fault was caused by accident damage and the vehicle is undriveable/unroadworthy the vehicle will need to be recovered to one of GMP’s network of accident repair centres and an insurance claim will need to be submitted (see below for further   information).

What do I do if I have had an accident?

In all cases call our 24 hour Accident Reporting Line on 0330 1004910 Option 1. You will be asked for all details regarding the incident and subsequently you will be advised which garage will complete the repairs. If the damage isn’t severe then you can delay completing the repairs until convenient but not if a third party is involved. Any incident involving a third party must be reported to the insurance company within 48 hours, where possible. All of our approved repairers can recover your vehicle if necessary and will provide you with a courtesy car.

Do I have to pay Benefit In Kind Tax (BIK, Company Car Tax)?

If you us a vehicle supplied via your employer for personal mileage you may be liable for Benefit In Kind Tax. If your financial contribution towards the vehicle is from Net pay your contributions can be offset against the BIK liability. However, If your contribution towards the vehicle is from Gross pay (Salary Sacrifice) you are liable for the full BIK charge applicable to the transaction. The HMRC recovers BIK by reducing the employees tax code accordingly.

What do I do if I think I am exceeding my contracted mileage?

Please contact GMP and we will discuss the best option for you. If the excess is 3000 miles per annum or more then we will request an amended quote from the leasing company to amend your contracted mileage. If it is less than this then the leasing company won’t amend the contract, instead we will calculate what the excess mileage charge will be and you may have the option of spreading the cost of this over multiple months prior to the end of your lease.

Can I use my mobile phone via Bluetooth or a handsfree kit whilst driving?

You should refer to your employer’s Terms and Conditions as to whether your employer permits this, however we do not recommend using a   mobile phone even with hands free or bluetooth facilities whilst driving your vehicle.

Who decides if I am competent to drive?

If you have any medical condition which requires a Doctor’s note stating you are able to drive, then we need to be informed and have a copy of the letter from your Doctor for our files. We need to be informed of the development of any medical conditions which might affect your ability to drive as soon as possible. If you are unsure, then we recommend that you check with your Occupational Health Department or HR Department for advice.

Can I smoke in my lease vehicle?

If you are using the vehicle for business use, then the vehicle is covered by legislation under health and safety regulations, and you must not smoke, or allow any passenger to smoke in the vehicle.

What about vehicle security/parking/security of my equipment?

It is your responsibility to ensure that wherever possible you park your vehicle legally, safely and in a secure location, ensuring that any equipment, personal possessions or valuables are either removed from the vehicle or placed in the boot out of sight.</

Who pays if I get a speeding fine/parking penalty?

You are responsible for any fines relating to road traffic/parking offences. We will notify the issuing organisation of your details in relation to any penalty notice within 48 working hours of receiving it, and you will be expected to settle/or appeal any penalty notices directly.

What do I need to do when I return my vehicle at the end of the contract?

You will need to ensure that the vehicle is in a clean and roadworthy condition. Any damage, such as dents and alloy wheel scuffs should be rectified; otherwise, you are likely to be recharged for this damage by your lease company. You will also need to ensure that your vehicle has had its MOT, that service books/handbooks are in the vehicle, and that you have the spare key to handover to the Collection Agents. Recharges will be made where spare keys/service books are missing and need to be replaced.

Which emissions standard is my car (ULEZ Zones)?

This information can usually be found within the website of the ULEZ Zone that you intend to travel in to, however, there are other websites where this information can be found such as (please note that GMP are not responsible for the information contained within this website).

What is the impact on my pension?
  • Joining a salary sacrifice arrangement could result in a decrease in the amount of pension that you receive on retirement as it will reduce the amount of salary on which this is calculated;
  • Leaving a salary sacrifice arrangement could result in an increase in the amount of pension that you receive on retirement, as it will increase the amount of salary on which this is calculated;
  • If you exceed the Annual Allowance, then you will need to pay tax on the excess;
  • Because your pension is based on your salary level, changes in your salary from one year to the next can have an impact on the Annual Allowance that you have available – these can be affected by promotions, pensionable bonuses or other factors in addition to leaving a salary sacrifice arrangement;
  • Leaving a salary sacrifice arrangement will increase your pensionable pay. Your Annual Allowance may be calculated by reference to the opening and closing value of pension benefits in a tax year, which takes into account a factor of 16 times any uplift in pensionable pay. As such, any significant increase in pensionable pay, when multiplied by the factor of 16, may exceed your Annual Allowance entitlement thereby triggering a tax charge.
  • The calculation of the Annual Allowance that you have available is very complex and HMRC have provided a calculation tool that you can use (Check if you have an annual allowance tax charge on your pension savings – Check if you have an annual allowance tax charge on your pension savings – GOV.UK). Other helpful tools can be found here: HMRC tools and calculators – GOV.UK (
  • Your Annual Allowance may reduce if your taxable earnings exceed £200,000 in a year or if you have flexibly accessed any of your pension benefits that you may have;
  • The impact of increasing the pension that you receive on retirement can have a number of consequences. If and how these will affect you will depend on your circumstances and you may wish to consider taking suitable independent financial and / or tax advice;
  • If you hold certain protections in relation to the Lifetime Allowance (the total pension benefits that you have at retirement), these could be lost if your annual pension increases beyond certain thresholds;
  • The rules are very complex and continue to be subject to periodic change. Hence, the position may have changed by the time that you leave the salary sacrifice scheme or draw benefits;
  • There is a threshold on the additional pension benefits that you can accumulate in a single tax year, called the Annual Allowance;
  • Further guidance on the Annual Allowance has been published by HMRC – Tax on your private pension contributions: Annual allowance – GOV.UK (
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