Is GPS Fleet tracking worth the money?

In the past few years, technology has been evolving faster than ever and as a result, businesses are having to move just as quickly to enable them stay ahead of their competition. Businesses having access to new technology, enables them increase efficiency, deliver better outcomes to their clients and reduce costs.

An example of technology that helps businesses stay ahead of their competition is GPS fleet tracking. This technology helps provide several tools to businesses that help them reduce cost and add endless value to their products and services.

GPS Fleet tracking although revolutionary also has a few weaknesses which include; the occasional inaccuracies in regards to locations and also the issue of downloading data, however these are all issues that are easily fixed.  On the other hand, when comparing its positives to the negatives, its benefits far outweigh the few downsides it may have on occasion.

Discussed below are some valid reasons why GPS fleet tracking is worth the money

Transparency on drivers

Reckless driving and inefficient practices are often damaging to your business, assets and overall brand. This is where GPS tracking is of great value as it gives you the ability to monitor drivers and have a deeper understanding of their behaviour on the road. In addition, it enables you to better understand your team’s overall performance, hold staff accountable for their actions, and lastly stay in control of your business operations. However, many companies are now implementing a reward scheme to motivate drivers for driving carefully. Duty of Care has always been an important topic for employers and this is where Telematics play a crucial role.


GPS Fleet tracking can increase your profitability as a business in several ways and it comes down to having more visibility. Monitoring harsh driving, unauthorised use and excess idling can minimise wear and tear on your assets and tremendously cut down on your overall fuel consumption.

To add, complete visibility ensures a more accurate billing of your clients, ensures you have data to refer back to and also enables you to avoid paying unnecessary overtime to staff.

Furthermore, GPS tracking via notifications enables you to keep track of maintenance which ensures longevity of assets and money being saved.

Increase in overall efficiency

In order for your business to survive and have success, efficiency is key. This is where the telematics platforms come into play. Most of the platforms available in the market are available to use via multiple/responsive devices (i.e. Computer, Mobile, Tablet etc) and allows you to manage your on-road operations from the palm of your hand. Work can also be attended to quickly as the location of all drivers and assets are known. This in effect prevents drivers from spending extended periods of downtime.

In addition, drivers can be sent notifications and alerts on the go via the app, if a member of staff needs to make a detour or fit an extra delivery into their route. Communication as a result is therefore seamless which drastically improves efficiency. Lastly, with drivers having the ability via this system to include all the information they need such as requests and directions, you will be able to spend more time concentrating on your business and less time on the phone.

Protection of your valuable business assets

Questions you need to ask yourself as a business at times include; If an asset was stolen from your site today, how costly would that be? What is your fleet as a whole worth?

This is where GPS tracking is again of great value as it offers immediate protection to assets. It provides the ability to set alerts for unauthorised use and pings when your asset leaves the depot without prior notice. This helps you track and take the necessary action quickly, which in the long run saves you a lot of money.

Brand Reputation

As a business, the way your brand is perceived can also be a valuable business asset. With the aid of GPS fleet tracking which enables faster response times, efficient service, error-free invoicing and responsible driving behaviour, it enhances your image and reputation which then leads to positive feedback, more referrals and more sales.


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