Often people say ‘there is nothing I could have done’ after having a tyre blowout, but in the majority of cases it is to do with not treating your tyres with the respect they deserve whilst driving and more importantly when parking your vehicle. Driverlink gives you a few top tips on how to handle a blowout at higher speed.

It usually takes several months of neglect for a tyre to ‘burst’ and there is a very simple thing that you can do about it – look after your tyres!

If you do take care of your tyres but are still unlucky enough to get a blowout or high speed puncture the guidelines below will help you to cope and perhaps avoid an accident.


Your car will start to weave about, especially at speeds over 50mph. The best action is to hold the steering wheel firmly, let the car slow down and come to a stop by itself.
Your immediate instinct might be to brake, but if the car is starting to move sideways braking will make matters worse causing the car to spin. Sudden braking is the worst thing that you can do if a tyre blows out. Keep looking ahead and turn your steering wheel to keep in a straight line.
Maintain momentum by accelerating and then by easing off to slow down – accelerating is not done to speed the car up, simply to maintain momentum and this minimising the risk of and effect of a side slide. Changing to a lower gear might help in a front wheel drive car if you can control the steering with one hand.

Front type punctures will cause the car to pull heavily to one side. Steer firmly to correct the pull. Again don’t brake, if there is space ahead, concentrate on steering and allow the car to lose speed naturally. Once you have the vehicle under control apply very gentle pressure on the brake. As your speed is reduced dramatically you can use the parking brake in an on and off motion repeatedly to help you slow….

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