University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

As one of Derby’s biggest employers this organisation takes a very serious view on the responsibility they hold to promote safe, green travel and alternative forms of transport.

As part of their Travel Plan, the Trust introduced Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) only schemes on all their lease and salary sacrifice vehicles in 2016 which has not only assisted in reducing their carbon footprint but is also achieving significant savings.


On the assumption that all of the employees who have a Salary Sacrifice vehicle are also part of the pension scheme, the Trust makes savings of circa £54,260 per annum, an average of £904.34 per vehicle.

 In 2016 prior to the ULEV car only stipulation being put into place the average vehicle emission level was 103g/km (only 2 vehicles were ULEV’s) whereas currently it stands at 46g/km.

Using this information the reduction in CO2 emissions across the fleet equates to 51.494 metric tons per annum.


In June 2017 the Travel Plan received World Ambassador Status at the Green Organisation. In December 2017 the Trust won a Green Work Environmental Award for Environmental Best Practise, In May 2018 the Travel Plan won the Transport Travel Award at the NHS Sustainability Awards and in November 2018 won the Smarter Travel Hero Award at the Fleet Hero Awards.

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