Crown Commercial Service Framework 6096 supplier

GMP Drivercare offers Fleet Management Services under Lot 3- Crown Commercial Services Framework 6096 as a supplier. Our experienced team is providing tailored solutions to public sector since 1998. With over 20 years of experience in the industry. We can meet any tailored requirements.

What is Crown Commercial Services Framework Agreement RM6096 ?

The Crown Commercial Services offers Vehicle Lease, Fleet Management & Flexible Rental Solutions. Customers looking for leasing the vehicle for 2 years or more can utilise the framework to get the best value for the vehicles. Under the Framework Agreement, suppliers can offer specialised fleet management services and any related solutions.

5 Benefits of Independent Fleet Management Service under CCS Framework Agreement

  • Competitive Discounts for organisations to save money.
  • Social and Environmental Value through Electric or Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles.
  • Electronic Solutions saves time, money and provide organisations innovative solution to maintain fleet.
  • Expertise in wide range of fleet solutions.
  • Fleet Analysis including Life Cycle Cost – Saves Money during the whole lease maintenance not only initially.

How to Awards or Buy Fleet Management Services? 

You can always contact us directly on 0330 100 4910 – Option 2 in case you need to discuss in detail. The organisations have two option under CCS Framework.

1. Direct Award to an Independent Fleet Management Company

2. Further Competition under the agreement or Tender

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